Police Investigation – Tamil Volume 2 Sample


  • R.Sekar, I.P.S.,
    The treatise “Police Investigation: Powers, Tactics and Techniques”, authored by Thiru. V. Sithannan, is a masterly work, adorning the grand architecture of Law and its Enforcement. The treatise begins with a discourse on the birth of the institutions of Military and Police and then takes us into a varied and scholarly journey into the minute details of the nature of crime, its investigation by Police officers, and further processes to be taken by Police officers till the judgement is pronounced, and the accused is either punished or exonerated, if he is found innocent. Even though the book deals in detail with ‘Crime and Punishment’, yet the profound humanity of the author Thiru. V. Sithannan manifests itself throughout the pages of the book as the invisible human face of a socially concerned Police officer in investigating the crime.
    R.Sekar, I.P.S.,
    Director General of Police (Retd)


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