TNPSC-Useful Links

Important Official Sites

Sl. No. Organisation Name Link Focus Area
1 Amnesty International Annual Reports (Social Issues)
2 UNESCAP Population Policy (Socio-Economic Issues)
3 NASSCOM Science & Tech.
4 Down to Earth Science & Tech.
5 Science Mag Science & Tech.
6 MOEF Reports and updates (Environment & Forestry)
7 MEA Reports and updates (International Relations)
8 MHA Annual Report and news (Governance, Security & Polity)
9 Law Ministry Polity
10 Social Justice Ministry Annual Report and news (Social Issues)
11 Ministry of Culture Recent updates in Culture
12 RBI All reports, policies, economics fundamentals (Economy)
13 Constitution of India
Constitution, Supreme Court judgment (Polity)
14 Indian Central Acts Laws, Bills, Analysis and summary (Polity)
15 Planning Commission 12th FYP, reports and policies (Economy)
16 PPP and Infra PPP policies and reports (Economy)
17 National Stats Statistical Data (Economy)
18 Word Atlas Geography
19 Indian Maps Geography
20 Physical Environment
21 Newsfile Newspapers Collection (Current Affairs)
22 IGNOU IGNOU downloads : Governance, PRI, Social Issues & Optionals
23 Wikpedia Total Coverage of the Syllabus
24 Press Information Bureau Current Affairs
25 ARC reports Governance, GS (Ethics Paper) and more
26 Indian Mirror Current Affairs
27 Environment Agreements
Environment n Ecology
28 Economy Articles
CP Chandrasekhar articles on Economy
29 Institute for Defense studies Security Related Issues
30 Best Practices Governance & Administration
31 Indian Council for World affairs International Relations
32 Institute of Peace Studies Issues of International Importance